Range of Titanium Rods

We supply a wide range of Titanium products that are used in different applications and are known to impart high performance in them. The titanium array includes rod, sheet, pipe wires strips, plates, fittings, and others in various shapes, sizes and in different grades, as well. The different grades of the products include Grade-I,Grade- II,Grade- III & Grade V. Titanium Wire We are having a large stock of Titanium wires and rods in special grades such as Titanium grade 5 which are generally used for Mfg. Surgical Items. This is also known as Titanium surgical grade. Also offer grades are available such as Grade 1, Grade 2 etc in various sizes.

Range :

3.17 mm to 350 mm diameter

Diameter Tolerance :

  • h9 (Din 671), h11
  • ASTM A 484 H7, h8, h9 (Din 671)
  • ASTM A 484
Length :

As per requirement Upto 7 mtrs with a min. length tol. Of -0 /100mm

Other Material :
  • Aluminium bars & rods
  • Molybdenum Bars & Rods
  • Tungsten Bars & Rods
Test Certificate :
  • Manufacturer Test Certificate
  • Laboratory Test Certificate from Govt. Approved Lab
  • Under Third Party Inspection.